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Landlord Public Record Database:
Although the Rental Protection Agency® makes every effort to discover your Landlords history there may be a rare occasion that some of their history hasn’t been recorded. The RPA® doesn’t guarantee security nor will be held responsible for the actions of an RPA® Member. All Members are to be committed to providing the highest Standards and Ethics, however, they still have the ability to make poor decisions and they are solely responsible for their behavior.

Landlord Approval
The RPA® will not Approve any Landlord that has a history of criminal activity or fraud. It is our goal to hold Landlords responsible for there actions and past behaviors.

Site Content
The RPA® makes every reasonable effort to make sure the information within is accurate and within federal and state guidelines. The RPA® does not act as Legal Council and does not provide legal advice. All content is to be used as a suggestion and reference. On occasion inaccuracies may appear on the site as Laws and Regulations are updated, it is always in your best interest to hire Legal Council for any legal questions or remedies.